About Mike Norris

Mike is a native Texan. After graduating from Texas A&M Commerce (then East Texas State University), he has been many places but never wandered too far in search of happiness. The values of God, family and work are easily found right at home. However, this is not to say Mike is a homeboy with no sense of adventure! Various jobs and mission work have provided unique and undeniable experience around the country as well as on several continents. These experiences have brought to light a common denominator in the brotherhood of man and how we should treat others as we wish to be treated.

There is a strange zone where business is conducted today which challenges the Golden Rule. A constant tide ebbs in and out that pits technology and world economics against old fashioned values and expectations. Mike is able to walk that waterline serving both interests without being washed up on the beach or being carried out to sea. Evolving technology should be embraced while not forgetting the people it serves. People come first, then the processes

Words like faith, value, service, kindness, trust, loyalty and more are what should be expected from others everyone works with and the services subscribed to. Unfortunately these are too quickly abandoned in the haste of serving valued clients and customers, or not, and corporate profitability. Mike believes this rift in the values of people and business is a constant wandering line but stands strong in a position recognizing the intricate partnership required to balance and grow business. Being focused in business does not create an evil until the business forgets it’s purpose, to serve. Again, people come first.

You can actually be a good person AND do business! By caring, listening and acting in the best manner for all involved, a sweet harmony can be achieved which is conducive to future action as well as growth. Mike possesses the heart, drive and ability to go there. Long story short…old fashioned words are not just used, Mike lives by them. Now press Enter to run the program! Upload the latest version of Mike to your world!

Mike’s resume available right here!